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Everbay is a wedding photography studio created by Martin and Susan Slechta and over the years have documented weddings all over the world, from New Zealand’s hilltops, to Tuscany’s vineyeards, historic cities like our hometown of Prague, underground glacier caves of Iceland or cities that never sleep like Las Vegas.

Everbay has earned international acclaim over the years and have been honored with awards for “The Best European Wedding Story” and “Best International Wedding Series”.

Our expertise is further demonstrated through speaking engagements at prestigious conferences like Way Up North Rome, and by teaching at renowned workshops like The Wolves at La Graciosa and The Legacy in Paris.

We believe in the power of personal connection and capturing the unique story behind each couple’s special day. That’s why if you’d like to get to know us more personally, we would love to share a little bit about our own love story with you.

A few galleries that we’d like to share with you

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All our wedding photography packages include high-resolution images with online delivery and print release. Browse and order prints through our convenient online gallery, and enjoy a pre-wedding consultation with us.

For a bespoke experience tailored to your unique needs, please reach out to us and allow us to craft a custom proposal for you.

1 Special Collection

Our premium wedding photography package offers the ultimate indulgence, featuring a comprehensive collection of both standard and exquisite elements. Experience the best of what we have to offer, elegantly captured and preserved for a lifetime.

This packages includes a framed print of the highest archival quality, ensuring your cherished moments are protected for generations to come. Complement your memories with a beautiful album, curated with the utmost attention to detail, showcasing the story of your love in the most exquisite manner.


—  Pre-wedding meeting (when possible)
—  Unlimited wedding day coverage
—  2 photographers
—  500 fully edited photos
—  Online gallery
—  Film photography
—  Framed hand-made silver gelatin print of a portrait from film or archival pigment ink print from a digital photograph
—  Exclusive album 30 ✕ 30 cm

€ 7.500

2 Full Day Coverage

Celebrate your special day with ease and confidence, knowing that our full day package has got you covered. Whether you have a day filled with cherished moments, a hectic schedule, or desire to capture every detail of your big day, we are here to deliver.

As a couple ourselves, we bring two perspectives seamlessly weaving together a beautiful story through our lens, while it also helps show you better our idea during the portrait session. To ensure comprehensive coverage, we can split our team during the day when necessary.


—  Pre-wedding meeting (when possible)
—  Unlimited wedding day coverage
—  2 photographers
—  500 fully edited photos
—  Online gallery

€ 6.000

3 Shorter Wedding

Providing a second perspective for a richer representation of your special day adds depth and dimension to our storytelling. In the event of a larger celebration, we can split our team to ensure complete coverage. As a couple ourselves, we bring a personal touch to your portrait session as we can better demonstrate our ideas to you.


—  Pre-wedding meeting (when possible)
—  8 hours coverage
—  2 photographers
—  450 fully edited photos
—  Online gallery

€ 5.200

4 Solo

Martin expertly captures the most meaningful moments of your special day, preserving them for a lifetime. Our commitment to providing an amazing experience extends to our pre-wedding consultation, where we are available to meet with you in person or virtually, to ensure every detail is perfectly captured.


—  Pre-wedding meeting (when possible)
—  8 – 10 hours coverage
—  1 photographer
—  Over 350 fully edited photos
—  Online gallery

€ 4.200

Extra Hours / Days

Our packages offer the option to extend your coverage with a fee of € 200 for an additional hour of shooting on the wedding day and € 300 outside of the wedding day.


Travel & Accommodation

Every wedding location has its unique charm and challenges. To ensure we give you the most accurate and fair pricing, our travel and accommodation costs are tailored to fit your individual circumstances, and typically we arrange for 1-2 nights of accommodation for the night before and the night after the wedding. We strive to make this process as transparent and straightforward as possible, working with you to accommodate your specific needs.

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À la carte options

Fine Art Albums

We believe that an album is the perfect medium for viewing your wedding photos, bringing people together and creating a physical, tangible representation of your story.

Designed by Sue, our lay flat albums are printed on luxurious matte paper with pigment inks and bonded with archival glue for maximum longevity. Standard albums feature 30 pages and can be upgraded to 60 pages, providing a comprehensive documentation of your special day.

30 ✕ 30 cm — € 750
25 ✕ 25 cm — € 550
20 ✕ 20 cm — € 450
(extra spread — € 10)

Extra options are available on request.

Archival Prints

Timeless Prints for Your Cherished Memories

In an age where digital memories flicker on screens for mere moments, our archival pigment ink prints offer a bridge to the tangible, a way to hold onto the ephemeral.

We use only premium archival pigment inks and the finest paper to guarantee a lifespan of over a century without fading or loss of quality.

Each print comes with the option of professional framing, using museum-grade materials to complement and preserve your image’s integrity. Let us help you turn your memories into masterpieces.

From intimate 4×6 inch prints to grand formats up to 50 inches wide, and with custom dimensions available upon request, we tailor each print to fit your vision, ensuring your memories are presented exactly as you envision them in your space.

A Real Delicacy

Hand-Painted Floral Bridal Portrait

This artistic photograph is perhaps the most exquisite creation we offer for weddings.

Flowers, an integral and intimate element of any wedding, infuse the day with their fragrance and hues, adding to the atmosphere of this significant occasion, and the bride carries it in her hands at those pivotal moments. At the same time, their ephemeral beauty also reflects the unique and fleeting moments that make up the wedding day itself and life in general. The feeling of both is captured in this unique image, ensuring that when you look back years later at the photograph, these flowers will still tell the story.

Our Floral Bridal Portrait features a black and white photograph of the bride, onto which we hand-imprint a flower from her wedding bouquet using white paint.

Photograph 14 x 21 cm (on paper 18 x 21 cm) – € 350
Photograph including archival framing — € 450

Handmade photograph on archival Hahnemühle Photo Rag, rinted with pigment ink: This photograph is crafted to achieve beautiful tones, infused into the matte paper, ensuring museum-quality color fastness. Each piece features hand-painted wedding flowers, adding a unique and personal touch to the already exquisite wedding memory.

Film Photography

For those who appreciate the depth and timeless beauty of analog photography

Whether you want to add a touch of film’s distinct flair with just 1-2 rolls, or wish for your entire day to be captured in film’s classic elegance, the choice is entirely yours.

Price per roll is € 75 and includes material (Kodak Portra or Tri-X, or film of your choice), developing, scanning and editing.

For more detailed insights into the available film formats, we have created this Film Format Guide to walk you through your options.


Captured with the timeless grace of a 6×7 medium format camera on Kodak Portra film, each frame is thoughtfully scanned in-house.

In crafting your story, we deliver photos that capture the essence of your day, selecting only the best shots, which means that not every frame from the film will be included.


We’re big fans of instant photography, and if you are too, we’re ready to bring some Polaroids along for your special day

This way, you can enjoy the first snapshots immediately, share them over breakfast the next day, and cherish these tangible memories forever. Polaroids can also add a fun element to your celebration, capturing guest portraits as keepsakes or for a unique guest book addition.

Fuji Instax Wide (popular for guest photos) — € 10 per 10 images
SX-70 Polaroid Classics — € 20 per 8 images

How about wedding video, do you offer that too?

While clients sometimes ask us about wedding videography services, our philosophy is to focus on photography. However, we would be happy to recommend talented videographers who share our dedication to the craft. These include Martin and Ela of Kaco Films, Romavera Films or Tobi Wögerer. Not only will you feel nice having them around during the day, they are great to work with and on the same page as our creative team, but they also each bring their own unique style to capturing beautiful wedding films. We are confident you will find the perfect fit among these talented professionals.

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How We Work / FAQ

                      Our goal is to craft a story that feels personal. Having experienced our own wedding, we’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the intrinsic value of photographs. We prioritize authenticity over stylization, trusting in the natural unfolding of the wedding day. We believe it inherently brings forth both grand and subtly significant moments. Our philosophy is rooted in embracing life as it is.

How does the booking process work?
     We begin with a personal connection, understanding that each couple’s story is unique. After reaching out, we’ll arrange a meeting, either in person or via video call, to discuss your vision and get to know each other and how to best approach documenting your wedding. To secure your date, we require a 25% retainer and a signed agreement.

What is your photography style?
     Our style is deeply rooted in authenticity, capturing the essence of your wedding day as it naturally unfolds. We believe in the power of genuine moments, allowing the true beauty and emotion of your day to shine through. Our work as a duo enriches the narrative of your wedding, offering diverse perspectives and a comprehensive collection of images that truly reflect your personal story.

What if we have a special wish / request?
     We welcome any specific requests and anything that holds particular significance for you. Our goal is to ensure that the final collection resonates deeply with your personal narrative.

How many photos will we receive?
     From a full day’s celebration, we carefully select and meticulously edit around 500 images. You’ll also receive a preview gallery of approximately 50 photos within a week, because we understand you’ll be excited to see them. The complete collection is ready for you within eight weeks after your wedding.

What about privacy and high-profile clients?
     We have a strong background in working with high-profile clients and are deeply committed to maintaining the utmost level of privacy and discretion. We understand and respect your wishes regarding the sharing and publication of your wedding images.

Do you offer albums, prints and film photography?
     Yes, and our bespoke wedding albums, designed with Susan’s passion and meticulous attention, ensure your memories are beautifully preserved.
     We also love combining digital medium with film to create a rich and authentic story. Martin’s expertise in film photography extends to our hand-developed black and white silver gelatin prints, made on archival-quality paper. Additionally, we pride ourselves on producing archival-quality digital pigment ink prints.
     A unique highlight of our studio is the exquisite hand-painted Floral Bridal Portrait, allowing the beauty of your wedding flowers to echo the larger story of your love and celebration.

What happens if you’re unable to attend our wedding?
     In the unlikely event of an emergency, rest assured we will do our absolute best to make sure your day will be covered. Leveraging our extensive network of professional colleagues across Europe, we are committed to arranging a photographer of comparable skill and aesthetic to document your day.

Do you travel for weddings?
     Absolutely. We love capturing love stories in diverse settings and are available to travel worldwide. Travel and accommodation costs are transparently calculated based on real expenses.

Documenting weddings is a personal thing to us so we think it’s fair that we share with you some images from our own wedding.

We appreciate that you are considering us to be your photographers. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have. For a personalized quote, please reach out to us at or through our Contact form.

We can’t wait to create something beautiful together!

Martin & Sue

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