Vila Tugendhat

When you listen to people with genuine interest in art, the fascination in their words cannot be faked. They go deep and know why they like their favorites.

There are two dominants in Vila Tugendhat. The Onyx wall, made from a honey-coloured, yellow rock with white veins mined from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, one which shines when sun rays hit it at the right angle, and the Makassar ebony curved wall. Together they can be viewed as forming letters D and I. And that was a sign for Dominika and Ivo that this architectural gem is meant to be the place where they get married.

It would have always been our dream to document a wedding in Vila Tugendhat designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1930s, but they don’t held weddings there. And yet Domi and Ivo managed to make it happen and we are so grateful to have been a part of it.

Piano is playing in the background, turn it on here ↓




We saw their families use the space just the way the original family would have and so it was easy to imagine the Vila actually being someone’s home.

For their wedding dress and suit they both chose Czech fashion icons Libena Rochova and Eva Eisler for wedding jewelry. Check out also their wedding film made by Kaco Films.


DJ Ventolin is a time traveller.

There’s no other way how to explain his incredible performance, bringing you about 50 years back in a party the world has not seen before.




He unleashes such incredible energy by singing like an owl. It gets wild and in a very guuud way.

Taková byla úžasná svatba ve Vile Tugendhat.

Who made it happen




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