A Little Film Format Guide

Welcome to our ‘Film Format Guide,’ designed to provide you with a visual understanding of the distinct characteristics each film format carries.

Medium Format (6×7 Negative)

We start with the medium format film, an elegant storyteller that uses only 10 frames per roll. The larger film size creates images with striking sharpness and depth, akin to stepping into a still from a dream. Each shot taken on this format is a mindful pause, a detailed record of that moment in time.

You can notice the richness of the details, the profound depth of field, and the soulful tonality. It’s a medium known for breathtaking portraits and landscapes, where every subtle texture and nuanced shade is celebrated.

35 mm

Next, let’s delve into 35mm film, a classic journeyman offering 36 frames per roll. Known for its balance of quality and flexibility, this format encapsulates the spontaneous rhythm of life, capturing the world as it unfolds.

Note the distinctive grain structure, the honest color tones, and the nostalgic ambiance of these images. They reflect the beauty of unplanned moments, creating a narrative imbued with a warm sense of familiarity.

Half-Frame 35mm

Lastly, we explore half-frame 35mm film, a playful format offering a generous 72 frames per roll. With its distinct, lo-fi aesthetic, this format brings a refreshing perspective to our visual narratives, like leafing through a visual diary of fleeting moments.

You can see that this format doesn’t take itself too seriously. The charming grain, the playful light leaks, the raw imperfections that lend each image an endearing authenticity. Half-frame 35mm is less about capturing a picture-perfect moment and more about embracing the candid, the unexpected, the everyday, and finding joy in it.

Each film format offers a unique lens through which to view our world, each frame a different verse in the same story. As you browse through this guide, let the images stir your thoughts and feelings, and may you find the format that resonates with your vision.

We’re here to help, if you have any questions or simply wish to delve deeper into the world of film photography, feel free to reach out to us.

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