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                      Our goal is to create a story that is personal. Now after our own wedding we understand even more what the value is of the visual memories of how it felt to be there and how you enjoyed this magnificent event in your lives with your closest people. We don’t stylize, we trust the wedding day. We trust that it brings big moments and little big moments and it always does. There’s no reason to fabricate things into something they’re not, we love life the way it is. And we appreciate that you’re considering us as your wedding photographers.

Let’s start with a few words about how we usually work. To create a rich story covering every important thing, as well as the atmosphere of the day and place, we aim to capture the whole wedding day.

We often shoot together as 2 photographers, because that provides several different points of view during the day and the ability to choose from larger amount of photos to find those that fit the story best. Also, being a couple ourselves, it helps us to show you poses more naturally. We have packages with only one photographer as well though.

From a full day wedding there is around 400 images in the final selection. All delivered images are fully edited and ready for you within six weeks after your wedding. Although we will send you a gallery with 50 – 100 photos within a week. We understand that you’ll be excited to see them!

If possible, it would be great to meet also before the wedding, either in person, or on Skype/Facetime, to discuss all the details and also get to know each other a bit.

Besides digital, Martin also shoots film and from the negatives then creates hand made black and white silver gelatin prints in a darkroom on a nice archival paper. Sue will be happy to design and create a beautiful album for you.

To book a date with us, we ask our clients for a retainer 20% and a signed contract. For weddings around Europe we also charge flight tickets (from Prague, CZ) and 2 nights accommodation before and after the wedding.

Let’s take a look at our packages.

By the way…

Here are a few galleries that you might want to check.

More galleries coming to our new website soon.


All our wedding packages include high resolution images delivered online and print release, online gallery for viewing and ordering prints and a pre-wedding consultation.

If you have any specific needs, please feel free to let us know, we’ll be happy to make a custom offer for you.

1 Special Collection

This package includes the best that we can offer, from standard things to the delicate ones.


—  Pre-wedding meeting (when possible)
—  Unlimited wedding day coverage
—  2 photographers
—  Over 500 fully edited photos
—  Online gallery
—  30 Polaroids (Instax Wide)
—  Film photography
—  Framed hand-made silver gelatin print of a portrait from film (standard) or archival pigment ink print from digital photograph
—  Exclusive album 30 ✕ 30 cm

4.400 EUR

2 Full Day Coverage

When you have a busy program, expect a day rich with moments and need to capture the whole day.


—  Pre-wedding meeting (when possible)
—  Unlimited wedding day coverage
—  2 photographers
—  Over 500 fully edited photos
—  Online gallery

3.500 EUR

3 Shorter Wedding

Among other things, shooting together with Sue really helps a lot in storytelling, with another perspective. We can split in case of need, and also (being a couple ourselves) show you better our idea in a wedding portrait session during the day.


—  Pre-wedding meeting (when possible)
—  8 hours coverage
—  2 photographers
—  450 fully edited photos
—  Online gallery

2.900 EUR

4 Solo

Martin captures the most important parts of your day and we’ll be happy to meet you on a pre-wedding meeting, in person or virtual.


—  Pre-wedding meeting (when possible)
—  8 – 10 hours coverage
—  1 photographer
—  350 – 400 fully edited photos
—  Online gallery

2.300 EUR

Extra day of shooting is 1.200 EUR.

À la carte options

Fine Art Albums

Beautiful lay flat albums designed by Sue, printed with pigment inks and bonded with archival glue on 150g Photo Matt Paper with FSC Certificat. Standard is 30 pages and can be upgraded up to 60 pages.

30 ✕ 30 cm — 450 EUR
25 ✕ 25 cm — 400 EUR
20 ✕ 20 cm — 350 EUR
(extra 10 pages — 20 EUR)

Extra option — 230 g/m2 paper (23 EUR)


We are big fans of instant photography and if you’re too, we can shoot a pack or two of Polaroids

…so that you can carry the first few pictures from your day right away, go through them around breakfast the day after and then bring home with you. Or we can take photos of your guests, either for them to take home as a memory, or for you to put in a guest book. Polaroids are a lot of fun.

Fuji Instax Wide (popular for photos of guests) — 15 EUR per 10 images
SX-70 (Polaroid classics) — 20 EUR per 8 images



Hand-made watercolor paper from Czech town Velke Losiny, liquid emulsion from Czech Hradec Kralove’s Foma and X hours of work.



A true delicacy

Handmade Liquid Emulsion Photograph on a Handmade Watercolor Paper

This custom artistic photograph is the most delicate thing that we do. We work with beautiful handmade watercolor paper from a mill where papers are produced continuously since 16th century. Martin does coating of the paper with liquid emulsion using brush and after that a photograph is enlarged on the paper from film. The size of the photograph is usually approx. 40 ✕ 30 cm on approx. A2 paper. We frame the photograph using a float mount, so that the photograph appears to be levitating in the frame.

30 ✕ 40 cm (cca A2) — 290 EUR
42 ✕ 58 cm (cca A3) — 340 EUR
55 ✕ 70 cm — 440 EUR

Prices include framing. Dimensions here describe size of paper. Due to their hand-made nature the sizes differ a liitle bit.

Find more information about film on this page.

Hand Made Silver Gelatin Prints From Film

We offer these unique archival black and white prints created by Martin in a darkroom. He uses traditional technique and beautiful fiber based silver gelatin papers and deliver the photograph framed. Each of them is original.

Prices start at 180 EUR for 24 ✕ 30 cm (including a passepartout and a frame).

How about wedding video, do you do that too?

Clients ask us from time to time. Our philosophy, though, is to focus on photography. We’ll be happy to recommend videographers who are dedicated to their field the same way we’re to photography: Martina and Eli of Kaco Films, boys of DIB Production, Veru & Michal Horejsovi, Honza Barton and Jana Buskova as well. Not only will you feel nice having them around during the day, and they’re all great to work with (it’s important for the creative team to be on the same page), and most importantly they create beautiful wedding films, each of them in their own different style, but we’re sure you’ll find your favorite one among them.

A Couple Session (A.K.A. Engagement Session)

Let’s make a trip, do a walk together or go chill to some cool place right before your wedding to create more informal images. That gives us an opportunity to capture some real moments, that you’ll want to get back to. We’re pretty laid-back about these shoots, looking to capture the chemistry between you. The final story will have about 50 – 80 photos.

Let’s go shoot for two hours (600 EUR) or make a trip for up to 6 hours (1.200 EUR).

We appreciate that you are considering us to be your photographers. If you have any questions or comments, or would like an individual quote, please feel free to let us know on email or through our Contact form.

We’ll look forward to creating something beautiful together!

Martin & Sue

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