Lucie Koldova — Portrait Series & Editorial Photography

Lucie Koldova is an acclaimed Czech and international product and furniture designer and among many of her accolades – Czech Designer of the Year. She spent several years in Paris, where she transformed and honed the influences, inspiration, and motives arising from the city’s diverse cultures into her charismatic, elegant style and sensual formal language.

Currently her studio is based in Prague, where she continues working for international clients like Brokis, Ton, Freifrau, Master & Master, mmcité, Haymann Editions, Per/Use, Lasvit and others, creating furniture pieces, glass sculptures, and timeless lights, objects of desire – chic and purified. Her work encompasses daily products, poetic gallery objects, and limited series. In 2014, Lucie was appointed art director of Brokis and has since produced a range of successful designs for the company.

We created a series of portraits for Lucie for publication, business and media purposes and for over a year documented the process of creation of one of her biggest projects, the Das Haus.

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In 2018 Lucie, as a guest of honour, created a concept of an ideal house for IMM Cologne 2018 called Das Haus. The project explored new lights and atmospheres and offered visitors a journey through various emotional states. We documented the process of creation of this incredible installation.

For more than 200 years, Janštejn Glassworks, situated in Bohemia’s picturesque Vysočina Region, has upheld a glassblowing tradition that dates to the end of the 17th century. Founded in 2006 by Czech entrepreneur and engineer Jan Rabell on basis of Czech tradition and remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans, Brokis in Janštejn is today a platform to enliven and elevate Bohemian glassmaking to new heights and preserve generations of knowledge and craftsmanship.


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